Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Show me that SMILE

My, how my baby is growing up! Eden's looks seem to be slowly changing a bit - I guess she is rounding out a little more now. We are still stylin' with the headbands but she seems to like the smaller, more narrow bands more than the huge bows - surprise, surprise.

And she is smiling! (She has been for awhile but it has always been so difficult to capture on camera.)

On a completely different note, we have been busy, busy, busy. Ryan is participating in Boy Scouts and spent Saturday morning selling popcorn as a fundraiser outside of Lowes. Michael was with him and said he has excellent salesmanship qualities. I guess he asked every person as they left the store if they would be willing to help a Boy Scout out. He even brought home popcorn that random strangers bought for him!

Emma is still doing her Nutcracker practice each Saturday - what a cute dance - and she had a birthday party right after dance practice last Saturday.

Michael, Eden and I went to our local town park where the Rotary Club was doing an oyster roast fundraiser. We ate our share of steamed oysters and walked around with Eden.

Sunday we met up with a real estate agent to look at a few homes in our area. There is one we have found that we really love and it is in a great neighborhood at a killer price, but I'm not sure if all things will come together to make it work. It is so hard finding a home big enough for all of us!

However, our house does have a FSBO sign out front now. I also listed it on Craigslist and did a blog page to use to advertise and promote the house: http://buy409faskin.blogspot.com/. We'll see if we get any interest. If not, I assume things were not meant to be right now.

So that is what we have been up to - like I said, busy. I have many more pictures that I will try and post soon. I'm just having a difficult time finding time to work on it lately.

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