Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our neighborhood Halloween party

As I have mentioned before, Halloween is one of Ryan's favorite holidays. He was already talking up a Halloween party and planning his costume in the middle of the summer. So...Friday evening we hosted a Halloween party for a few neighborhood families.

I put most of the food in the kitchen and then let the kids eat out on the porch - it was a very mild evening - and some ate in the formal dining room.

I made pumpkin shaped tortilla chips served with black bean and corn salsa, chocolate "spiders", hot dogs for the kids, a chili bar for the adults, cheese balls, string cheese...

salad, shrimp pate with crackers...

baby carrots and dip, Kool-Aid punch, and dirt cake crawling with worms (gummy of course) for dessert.

A close up of the shrimp pate I made in my brain mold. Nobody ever wants to try eating it - I wonder why???

The adults hung out on the screened porch where we kept cold adult beverages iced down in our galvanized tub. The kids enjoyed running around in the backyard.

We got them all fed and then it was time for...

...the ghost pinata in the dark!!! Here is a picture of Ryan trying to break the ghost open.

Emma taking a swing at it...

Each child got a treat bag to place their collected pinata candy in once it broke open. As you can see, Avery then relaxed at the table opening and lining up her candy. I ended up throwing away large quantities of candy that she had "organized."

I think everyone had a good time at the party. But as I always say after hosting a party, I am done for a little while. I get so obsessed with party planning details that everything else goes out the window. So now it is on to cleaning the house, organizing the house and trying to get this house to impress a buyer!

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