Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Preschool parade

Last Thursday, Emma and Avery's preschool at Saxe Gotha held their annual Halloween parade and then the classes followed up with individual parties.

Michael met Eden and I at the school to watch both of the girls parade around in their costumes. As you can see, Avery is just ridiculously shy!!!

Emma looked cute as Snow White...

Since I now have two children in two different classrooms at the same time, I am having to divide my party time up between Emma and Avery's classes. I volunteered to help with Avery's class for Halloween, but I will then be helping Emma's class with their upcoming Thanksgiving activities.

Above is a picture of Avery's two-year-old preschool classmates and teachers.

Because of all of the concern over the H1N1 virus, all party food provided for the preschool parties must be purchased from a store - no longer can you bring homemade items. So the kids snacked on juice, Krispy Kreme pumpkin doughnuts and pumpkin shaped pretzels.

Avery licked all of the frosting off the top of her doughnut but didn't actually eat any of the actual doughnut. And much like at home, she was one of the last remaining children at the table finishing her food. She eats soooo slooooow!

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