Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Belated Thanksgiving

I have been very challenged lately due to the fact that we have so many activities going on and it has been difficult to juggle. I apologize because it has been a struggle for me to get out here and post all of the things that have been keeping us so busy.

Between Emma's Nutcracker rehearsals that are every day now, Ryan and Emma practicing for our church's Christmas Eve pageant, Ryan and Emma appearing in our local Lexington parade last Sunday and preschool holiday activities to keep up with...on top of the regular holiday craziness, it has been a little stressful and I am trying really hard to not let it take over.

It depresses me how easy it is to lose sight of why we are doing all of these festive activities in the first place, so I am trying hard to keep Jesus and his birthday celebration first.

That said, now you know why I am just now posting a few pictures from Thanksgiving. We spent the day in Anderson, SC visiting with Michael's parents and eating lots of yummy food.

The kids helped decorate their tree. I'm not sure if it was done fashionably...

...in this picture above Ryan is hanging an identical ornament right next the other matching ornament. I mean, literally, right...next...to it. Kids just don't get the concept of spreading ornaments out and not weighing down branches to see how many breakable ornaments it might hold before giving way.

Oh well, they did get the tree decorated (and ours at home as well.) I'm sure they will get a little better (hopefully) over the next few years.

We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving with the extended Hawkins' family and appreciate them having us over. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday as well!

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