Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grocery savings with a moron

Since I don't have much going on in my life right now except...that's right...grocery shopping, I thought I'd share some of my fabulous buys today!

I know - BORING - but these are the types of things I live for! Michael and I did a little outlet store shopping this past weekend and I managed to spend a portion of my weekly budget on a cute little blue handbag (another great buy!)

Anyway, let's just say the next two weeks were starting to look a lot like grilled cheese and hotdog dinners.

My favorite grocery store of all time (Publix) came through for me though and with the help of my favorite coupon blogging site (www.southernsavers.com), I did all right.

Actually I did better than all right, I did swell! I saved $36.25 just in coupons (newspaper and on-line printed) and another $41.58 in store sales for a total of $77.83 in savings!

And I only spent $71.31 for 5 boxes of cereal, 8 cans and boxes of vegetables, 4 boxes of fruit snacks for kids' lunches, a bag of chicken nuggets, a bag of potatoes, and on and on. You can look at the pictures if you really want to know what I bought.

But here is the best part (for me anyway)... I was able to get two large cans of Enfamil formula included in that price. They are priced at $25.00 a piece alone. I love the fact that Publix takes competitor coupons because I was able to use 2 $5.00 coupons from Food Lion for the formula as well as a $7.00 Publix in-ad coupon - score!!!

However, don't think I didn't make a complete fool of myself somewhere along the process. Anyone who knows me well will know that this is just part of my daily routine. As the check-out person is scanning all of my groceries, I realize that I don't have my wallet with me.

Wallets generally come in handy when you are paying for things, even if you are getting some good buys. I guess I wasn't the first person to have this happen to them at Publix because they didn't look at me like I was a complete walking disaster with a small baby. They scanned all of my coupons (to the line of people waiting behind me's delight) and totaled my bill and then took my groceries over to Customer Service while I escaped to search for my wallet.

It was not in the car as I had hoped so I drove all the way home, ran inside the house and pulled my beautiful new handbag off of rack and there it was hiding inside. Note to self, when switching handbags make sure you take EVERYTHING out of one and transfer to another!

Eden and I flew back to Publix and picked up my waiting groceries and I explained as they walked my groceries out to the car that although I have left my wallet, or drivers license, or grocery list, or cell phone behind many times...I have never ever left a child anywhere...yet.

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