Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better late than never!

So I can never get these monthly pictures posted on time! It seems there are always other things coming up that I feel I need to post about first...holidays, birthdays, and on and on.

Anyway, I am still taking these pictures of Eden each month and I do eventually get them posted. Even if they are almost a month behind!

Eden continues to grow and grow. And by "grow and grow" I mean that her tummy seems to be growing and growing. She is definitely a solid little girl and provides quite a workout for my arm!

She is a fabulous little shopping buddy and everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) we go people (and I mean ALL people) continue to comment about her overabundance of hair on her head. I personally think it looks more like a toupee, but people can't seem to get over this child's lovely 'do!

At least two ladies working at Bi-Lo today looked at Eden and commented on the amount of static in her hair. I try to explain that it is not static electricity, it always stands up like that. It is however, finally getting longer and parts of her hair are now starting to hang in her eyes, poor baby. These headbands might become a necessity!

And as you can see by looking at the next two pictures, she is starting to pick things up and play more. She enjoys her rattles and teething toys a lot right now! She still spends ample time swinging but she is finally hanging for longer periods of time in her new jumperoo. She loves chilling on the floor too, but Wish doesn't usually leave her alone for long!

Eden has a keen sense for all sports activities shown on T.V. She will turn herself around in order to watch attentively to whatever football or basketball is airing!

And can you tell that this girl likes to eat!?! She has not shied away from any new food we have introduced her too yet. She enjoys rice cereal, bananas and green beans at least once in the evening.

She continues to be such a joy in our lives and it is really hard to be unhappy about anything when she is around to smile her big toothless smile at you!

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