Friday, August 20, 2010

First day of school!

Wednesday was the day! The day when we had to once again begin waking at the crack of dawn, get up and get out the door before 7:00 a.m.

That's the ugly side to the beginning of the new school year. On a happier note, the kids are busy learning once again and enjoying their school friends. And me...I am down two kids during the day! Can I get an "Amen"!

Now I can not take credit for these adorable note cards or even the cute back-to-school teacher idea presented below...

I found this cute idea on one of my inspiration blog sites "Joy Ever After" and she found the teacher note card templates at "Creature Comforts."

I saw it and just had to do these for Ryan and Emma's teachers. Nothing like a little brown nosing to begin the year, right?!? Emma's teacher thanked me again this morning for the note cards and mentioned that she had already used one. I did add my own customization of the teacher's names to the bottoms of the cards and printed out that way. My handwriting just isn't that pretty!

Emma was a little nervous once we got to her classroom that first day but she is so excited when she gets home and just loves to share what she did all day in kindergarten. She knew a couple of girls in her class already and has made more friends over the last three days.

Ryan is starting third grade this year...whew! I just don't know when he got so big on me. He, too, already knew a handful of kids in his class from previous years and seems to really be enjoying his new teacher, Mrs. Kneece.

He has been a big help to Emma and likes to explain things to her like how to get your hot lunch in the cafeteria, what it is like to ride the bus home and where the nurses office is located...he knows that one really well!

Besides school starting, we have also started dance classes for the two girls and Emma has had her first Daisy Girl Scout meeting. Ryan will be starting Boy Scouts and karate soon so things are only going to get busier!

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Jessica said...

How adorable! Love all the pictures!