Friday, August 6, 2010

Folly Beach getaway

Last Saturday we decided to pack the gang up for a couple hour drive to Folly Beach to enjoy the beach for the day. You can see my youngest beach bathing beauty above - there is nothing pretty about that child at the beach! She tries to eat sand, rolls around in the sand, throws sand and somehow stuffs half of the sand in her swimsuit before she leaves.

One thing that I thought was hysterical was Avery and Eden playing "catch" with a football. Avery would throw the ball in Eden's general direction and then Eden would quickly crawl all over the beach to where it landed.

And these two enjoyed playing in the sand like I mentioned above. One of Avery's favorite pastimes at the beach is building sandcastles.

Michael, Emma and Ryan enjoyed playing in the waves and collecting seashells.

One nice thing about being at the beach within the county park was the fact that they had restrooms, showers and changing rooms. So after our day on the beach, we showered everyone off and changed into clean clothing and ventured to the small downtown area of Folly.

Since it was a summer weekend, all of the restaurants were hopping so we walked around a bit trying to decide where to eat dinner. We came across a place called "Taco Boy" that was busy (good sign of good food) and had a nice laid-back atmosphere (we weren't looking that great after the day of beach fun.)

They had an entire list of fabulous sounding tacos. I chose the shrimp taco and the tuna taco that you can see in the picture above.

Eden snacked on tortillas...

The girls loved the chips and trio of dips...

All three of the salsas were so yummy!

Avery eating her cheese taco. My kids are not very adventurous when it comes to ordering tacos. All three ordered the plain cheese taco!

And for dessert, the kids enjoyed real Hawaiian shaved ice...bubble-gum flavor!

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