Monday, August 2, 2010

My three beautiful girls

Ryan was in an all-day camp last week learning about Jesus, karate, secret ops and mad science (interesting combination, right?!?). It was a good change of pace for all of us and once I was down one less child, I felt like I could go anywhere and do anything with the other three.

So the girls and I hit up a local outdoor vegetable market, grocery store and did a little back-to-school shopping over the course of the week.

Emma and Avery saw these outfits at the store and "just had to have them." They thought they were dress-up clothes and the deal got even sweeter when I told them they could actually leave the house in the outfits! I have a feeling these little tops and skirts will get plenty of wear. Both girls wore the outfits two days in a row before I tossed them out of sight into the dirty laundry!

We joined Ryan for his last morning of camp (all parents were invited, although I noticed I was the only one with three other kids trailing behind me) and we watched Ryan doing his various camp activities. I took a few pictures so I'll share those next. We then spent Saturday over at Folly Beach playing in the waves for the day and even had a fabulous dinner at Taco Boy in the little downtown area. It was a great day away and of course, got pics of that too so I'll try and get back out here soon.

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