Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our weekend: Part Two - Clemson University

Rewind a week and here we are for day two of our busy weekend. I read about Clemson's Fan Appreciation Day on Facebook and decided Sunday afternoon we should put all four kids in Clemson attire and drive several hours to campus to wait in lines for various football players autographs.

Yep - that's how I roll some days and lucky for me, I convince my husband that these are once in a lifetime opportunities that we don't want to miss.

Now to be perfectly honest, I had never even heard of Fan Appreciation Day for some reason and other than what I read online, really did not know what to expect. I gathered there would be lines but I also read that C.J. Spiller and Jacoby Ford would be on hand to sign autographs.

We didn't get that many of the players autographs and the lines were across the stadium by the time we got there. But we were able to make it down one line of players which was really neat. I had to include these photos of Jarvis Jenkins. I love the before and after shots of him talking to our kids!

Ryan, Emma and Avery didn't really know what to think about all of these big guys dressed up in Clemson uniforms. I had to prod them along and remind them to say,"Thank you."

A few more players that we saw...

Eden was excited with all of the Clemson action going on around her.

Two of my little Clemson fans...

I took this photo while we were waiting in one of our loooonnnggg lines. The kids were enjoying a snack near a closed concession stand.

They even had the opportunity to meet some of the Clemson cheerleaders!

Probably the best moment of the day for the kids was attempting to slide down the hill. They had a difficult time getting the cardboard to actually slide but had a good time trying with all of the other kids.

Obviously, it was a busy weekend but hopefully the kids will hold onto some of these memories as they get older!

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