Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emma's 6th birthday

Emma's 6th birthday was March 10th and since it fell on a school night we kept things quiet that evening. I made her favorite dinner (lasagna) and she opened gifts and enjoyed some cake and ice cream.

On Saturday, she chose to go have her nails done so Avery, Emma and I ventured over to Snip-its, a new children's hair salon and spa.

The girls got to lounge on their own special chairs while the nail techs got busy on their finger and toenails. It was so funny watching because they did everything like you would normally receive when getting a manicure or pedicure. They soaked their hands and feet, rubbed them down with lotion, filed and painted. Of course the girls picked their own paint colors - fluorescent pink for Avery and a silver sparkle paint for Emma!

That evening Emma got to choose where she wanted to dine out and of course our kid's favorite won out again - Fatz Cafe! So we had an early dinner and then came home for round two of cake and ice cream.

Overall, I think she had a good birthday. Thank you to everyone that sent a gift and called to wish her a happy birthday!

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