Monday, October 13, 2008

Laid back family weekend

This weekend the kids had a chance to spend a lot of time together and honestly, they played remarkably well with each other. Friday night was a Scholastic book fair at Ryan's elementary school. We had a hot dog dinner there and enjoyed shopping for a couple of new books, listening and participating in a book reading of The Little Red Hen, and making a bag puppet.

Saturday the kids spent much of their time playing out front riding their bicycles, tricycles and as you can see from the photo below...mowing the grass.

We grabbed some seafood at our local Crab Shack on the pond and the kids enjoyed feeding the geese nearby. As they were heading out to greet the geese with all of their leftovers from dinner (which means fistfuls of French fries) they were instructed to drop the fries and grab peanuts from the peanut bin. For some reason the geese really like peanuts (in the shell)...I had no idea.

The last photo I just had to include to showcase what our dear dog Wish has to endure on a regular basis. Avery was eating an apple since all of our kids now know where to find the apples stored in the garage. They think it is the coolest thing to grab an apple and start munching away anytime they like. And...they are even starting to remember to wash the apples off themselves. So Avery's eating an apple in her highchair and decides she is full. So she starts throwing pieces of apple all over the floor for Wish to clean up. As you can see, some of the apple pieces actually land on the poor dog's back. Poor Wish!

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Anonymous said...

Oh...I forgot about Wish! So cute, even with apples on his back. Kiss the kids!