Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter Dinner

It is fairly rare these days for me to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Lately I have just been fixing the fastest thing possible come dinner time. Of course Easter was a special occasion so I did actually plan a menu and prepare dinner for our family that evening.

To make things a little easier, we picked up a mini-ham at Honey Baked Ham. They said it would feed around four people, but we still have plenty of ham left over from Sunday. The spiral-sliced hams from Honey Baked or Heavenly Ham are the only kind of ham I can bring myself to eat. I have tried many others but they just seem to have too much fat on them.

I also made Pioneer Woman's macaroni and cheese recipe. I think I added a little too much salt in mine but it was still pretty good.

I always seem to gravitate towards the starches on holidays and this year was no exception. We also had toasted rolls and an O'Brien potato bake. With only four ingredients in this casserole, you really can't go wrong or possibly make it any easier. Here is the link to that recipe:,1850,159173-231195,00.html.

To break up the starchfest a little bit, I also fixed some yummy asparagus. This is one vegetable that I frequently forget how much I actually love. With ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, Parmesan cheese and lemon zest, it too was a very simple yet tasty recipe. Take a look here:

As I mentioned, I couldn't go without using our freshly picked strawberries in some sort of dessert fashion. So this is what I created using angel food cake, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and of course, lots of fresh strawberries for dessert!

We still have plenty of food leftover which is a plus so I don't even have to do much in the way of cooking for a little while anyway!

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