Thursday, April 2, 2009

The great tooth caper

Ryan had a corn dog for lunch the other day at school. As he took a bite of the tasty school cafeteria corn dog, out came a baby tooth. He was very excited about the latest tooth lost - this is the second baby tooth he has lost so far!

Unfortunately, recess was immediately after lunch and you'll never guess what happened...O.K. - you probably guessed it. He managed to lose the tooth while playing on the playground. Surprise, surprise right?

Of course he was devastated that he had nothing to show for his corn dog's effort and nothing to tuck under his pillow that night, so his teacher lent a creative hand to help solve the problem. She helped him write this letter...

I love the part, "Tooth Fairy, please understand for me"!!!

And Ryan's teacher generously took this picture to document the occasion...

I think this is one to preserve for future girlfriends. And luckily for Ryan, the Tooth Fairy was very forgiving about the lack of teeth and still paid him a visit that night!

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