Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm beat

Let's see. It is Wednesday, the third day of Spring Break and I can honestly say that I am completely EXHAUSTED.

I'm not sure why I am feeling this way. It's not like I don't normally have at least two children home with me most of the day. But there is something about having all three of them home all day that is completely wearing me down.

Maybe the fact that I am pregnant and tired anyway. Or maybe the fact that every time I turn around there is another mess in the house to clean up. Or maybe because there really is only one child who really naps anymore and one who constantly follows me around the house begging for this and that.

All I can say is that even the thought of making dinner right now is enough to throw me over the edge. I am happy that we do not have any big plans for this weekend because by then, I'm just going to need to curl up in a ball and make myself scarce for a little while.

Today we met Michael for lunch at Chick-Fil-A. I think all of us needed to get out of the house for a bit. Since the kids were still eating ice cream but wanting to play on the Chick-Fil-A indoor playground I decided it would be a good opportunity to take them to the park.

So we went to Corley Street park for a little while after lunch. About the time everyone was begging for drinks and to use the potty, I decided it was time to head home for naps (nap really since Avery will probably be the only one sleeping.) I took this terrific photo of the three of them before we left the park.

Pretty much sums up my day so far. Nobody can concentrate with a nice smile for two seconds long enough for me to snap a picture. Ryan has sticks stuffed down his pants that he is insistent on bringing home with him for a game of "stick ball" and Avery is about to burst into tears because Emma won't quit touching her.

Ahhh...Spring Break just isn't what it used to be! I am going to be ready for my own Spring Break after surviving this week!

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