Friday, April 10, 2009

Visit to Chuck E Cheese

Wednesday night I was able to get out of making dinner as we decided to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese's for pizza. We don't visit very often so our kids get very excited when we do pull up to the front of Chuck E Cheese's.

Avery started screaming, "Cheese! Cheese!" when she saw where we were. While we sat and waited for our pizza to arrive the kids enjoyed the stage show.

Emma danced around and loved watching the animation in action. Avery wasn't quite so sure what to make from the electronic characters so she would quickly back away from the stage.

We ate our pizza and it was time to go spend our tokens. Each of them received 10 tokens to spend and the girls used a majority of theirs up on the little kiddie rides like these...

Emma driving with Chuck E and ...

Avery driving with Bob the Builder.

Ryan was focused on winning as many tickets as possible since he had seen a prize he was working towards the minute we walked into the restaurant. 1000 tickets is doable isn't it?

Well, the answer is no. Emma racked up 25 tickets and Ryan had 22 to spend on their prizes. Emma chose a lollipop and this lovely pink ring.

Ryan came home with a Pirates of the Caribbean mini-notepad. We used one of our Chuck E Cheese coupons for the whole deal and came out of their spending less than $20.00. Click here for the previous post with the coupon link:

All in all, a fun time for the kids without completely breaking the bank.

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