Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teacher appreciation week and muffins for mom

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week so it has kept me busy all week getting some small gifts together for all three kids' teachers - 5 in all.

The girls drew pictures for each of their teachers at the beginning of the week. Wednesday we wrapped daisies for each teacher and Thursday we brought fresh local strawberries to each teacher.

Today was also "Muffins for Mom" day at Emma's preschool - Saxe Gotha CDC. I enjoyed visiting Emma's classroom and each child had made pictures, a book and a planter with their picture for their moms.

The book was really cute and each child answered a series of questions about their moms. According to Emma, I am tall (ha, ha), am 2 inches in height, 1 pound in weight (yeah right!), have purple eyes, and I enjoy cheese.

Emma did her muffin eating part and devoured three muffins - two chocolate and one poppyseed. Her teachers informed me that my daughter is one of the best snackers in the classroom (I am so proud!). You'd think I never fed my child at home. No wonder she is never hungry for dinner!

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