Friday, June 5, 2009

Last day of 1st grade!

Summer is officially here for the Hawkins' household! Today was Ryan's last day of 1st grade and it was a short half day, so it was exciting for him.

I took this picture of him eating breakfast this morning before his last day of school.

Last night we got together some treats for each of his classmates. A local chocolate shop down the road from us sells these cute chocolate candies on sticks so we got a variety of frogs, ice cream cones and cupcakes and labeled each one from Ryan.

Ryan made his card for Mrs. Hubbard to go with her gift certificate. Here is the front...

And the inside of the card...I also wrote her a personal thank you to let her know how much we appreciated her teaching and mentoring Ryan this year. She had been a fabulous teacher!

This picture was taken when Ryan got off the bus for the last time this year. As you can see Sparky made his appearance at school once again!

Ryan's class enjoyed a special end-of-the-year party today. Now comes the exciting summer days of me trying to keep everyone entertained each and every day...all day long. Can you tell that I am very excited?!?

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