Friday, June 5, 2009

Ryan's 1st grade field day

The first graders at Lake Murray Elementary held their field day Wednesday morning. Each class generally makes their own t-shirts and they sign up to participate in several fun competitions.

Ryan participated in the egg race, a balloon popping relay, and some other baseball bat relay. Since I had the two girls with me we didn't get there right at 8:00 a.m. when the festivities began and missed all of his individual competitions.

We did get to watch the class group competitions though. In the photos above, they are doing some kind of ice melting relay against the other classes. You can't miss Ryan in the baseball cap and sunglasses (he looked kind of like a tacky tourist for the day.)

Here he is participating in the water balloon toss...

And we got one quick picture of him before the event ended and the classes went to cool off with snowcones.

The dog, if you are wondering, is named Sparky. Ryan's class adopted the pets and did a number of math activities revolving around their dogs...measuring, weighing, etc. Each student was allowed to bring the dog to school for the remainder of the week so each of them had their pets with them for field day.

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