Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer fun

We have been busy finding fun summer activities that keep the kids preoccupied and also don't require hours of sitting out in the sun (because I am just not up to that right now.)

We spent an afternoon at our favorite local park - Corley Street Park - enjoying a picnic lunch, playing in the sand and running around in their sprinkler.

Yesterday I took the three kids to an early showing of the movie "Up" and they munched out on their kid's pack which included a drink, Skittles and popcorn.

And today we spent the morning running around the sprinklers and coloring with outdoor chalk.

One thing that we have done on several occasions already is enjoyed tasty frozen treats including Burger King's new $.89 ice cream cone. I must say I was pleasantly surprised - it was very similar to Sonic's ice cream cone, only $.11 cheaper.

Ryan and Emma have also been participating in our church's Summer Vacation Bible School program called "Son Rock" this week. Unfortunately, Avery is still a little young to participate so she has been getting some unusual "only child" time.

The VBS goes from 6:15 p.m.-8:30 p.m. so last night we enjoyed a dinner out (with Avery of course) at The Olive Garden. Next week Ryan and Emma are registered for another VBS at Mt. Horeb Methodist Church. I say keep the vacation bible schools rolling!

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