Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The haunted trail

Since Ryan joined the Cub Scouts this year, he has been able to participate in all sorts of new activities...shooting BB guns, archery, fishing, and camping.

The camping trip that he has been wanting to do the most was the Haunted Trail trip at Camp Barstow. So Michael registered them for the trip and set aside the fact that he was going to miss watching the Clemson versus Miami game since it was held that same Saturday.

They didn't arrive until early afternoon due to Emma's Nutcracker dance practice and pictures afterward but they missed the rain that fell all morning and got there in time to enjoy the activities.

Later that evening they got to participate in the Haunted Trail. Let's just say that the trail was much more haunted than Ryan had anticipated and the poor kid attempted to ward off scary mad men trying to attack him in the forest with his flashlight! The creators of the Haunted Trail accomplished their goal and obviously, the trail was truly scary. Ryan was reduced to tears and now refuses to participate in anything "haunted."

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