Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's that time of year again...

Apple picking and visiting the pumpkin patch at a country farm is up there on my list of important activities for the fall. As you can see from the number of pictures I took (and these are just a few), I absolutely love taking photos of the kids in a scenic environment like this.

This year we decided to visit Niven's Apple Farm in Moore, SC. Although it is not as scenic as the mountainous Skytop Apple Orchard in Flat Rock, NC, it is still very country and not quite as far of a drive for us. Plus with a newborn, we wanted to avoid some of the major walking up and down hills that is necessary at Skytop.

Plus, they have a huge (several) pumpkin patch and an apple orchard for picking apples.

We took a lot of pictures with the pumpkins, but ironically did not actually purchase any to bring home. It is hard to carry heavy pumpkins around while watching over four children so we will pick out some pumpkins nearby at our local farm in Lexington.

They had some really interesting shaped pumpkins, such as this one that Emma is standing by.

The two girls loving the pumpkins...

The kids were able to run around the pumpkin patches and the farm also had farm animals to visit and an old-fashioned playground area for the kids where they could jump on old tractor tires and crawl through black tubing.

This older gentlemen greeted guests outside of the country store...

Eden was decked out for the occasion and several people asked if they could keep the "pumpkin" with them. Obviously, we declined their offers.

Sweet big brother...

And of course, what visit to the farm is complete without a hayride?

Our kids are rather spoiled and by the end of the fall season have generally been on several hayrides during their multiple visits to farms. But I figure, there is much worse things to be doing with your time.

The hayride dropped us off in the apple orchard so we were able to try and retrieve the few available apples left on the trees.

They were rather picked over already, so most of the apples were at the very top of the trees. Not the most practical of things for a bunch of small children (and small mom).

Michael lifted them up so they could pick their own apples.

And there were a few trees that had apples still well within reach for the kids.

Emma picking an apple by herself...

The kids posed for this picture towards the end of our visit. They were all getting tired and irritable and at one point Ryan and Emma were fighting over who could "sit" in the pretend driver's seat. Emma was asked to take a turn and got mad and stomped off. But she eventually came back, and this is the photo we got...Ryan's expression driving was funny and Avery is barely peaking out of the window.

And then we headed home, hot, tired and dirty. And got ready for our 1 1/2 hour drive back home - now that is always fun!

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