Friday, October 9, 2009


"Ryanisms" - otherwise known as "the funny, off-the-wall things that come out of Ryan's mouth."

Earlier today I was reapplying make-up since we were all going over to Ryan's elementary school tonight for Family Reading Night. Ryan comes walking into the room with a cowboy vest, gun holster, water gun, part of an iron man toy on his arm and rubber bands around his arms and feet. He starts taking the fancy ensemble off piece by piece explaining that he is dressed up like Star Wars: The Clone Wars character Cad Bain.

I have no idea who Bain is - I have never seen "The Clone Wars" shows or movie.

So I ask Ryan, "Does Bain wear rubber bands around his arms and legs?"

He looks at me like that is the strangest question he has ever heard and replies, "Of course not, Mom, they don't have rubber bands in the galaxy, far, far away!"

Stupid me...

So we make it to the Family Reading Night at Ryan's school, have dinner and hit the book fair. Ryan decides to select a book by the local visiting author, Anthony D. Fredericks, called Under One Rock : Bugs, Slugs and Other Ughs, that he wants to have autographed.

We go into the room where the author is signing books and magically, don't have to wait. Ryan thanks Mr. Fredericks for signing his new book and the author reminds us to catch his presentation at 7:30 in the cafeteria.

Ryan responds, "Yes, I've heard that you are full of all sorts of entertainment!"

Of course, the author and everyone else in the room starts laughing and Ryan gets embarrassed. He didn't mean to be funny.

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