Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monkey Joes, presents and cake

Ryan had a good birthday Friday. He and his classmates enjoyed slushies during lunch at school, and then after Michael got home from work, we drove over to Monkey Joes to let the kids play. Our neighbor friends Michael and Matthew joined us for the fun and the kids spent several hours jumping, sliding and playing games.

See? He looks like he is enjoying his birthday anyway!

Emma kept up with the "big" kids and spent most of her time running around and playing with Matthew.

Avery spent most of her time in the designated toddler area after being almost trampled a few times on the bigger jumpies.

When we got home Ryan opened up his presents and then it was time for cake.

The birthday boy about to blow out his candle...

Making a wish...

And of course, a random picture of Eden! Because she never shows up in the pics of family activities even though she really is there!

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